Google Hummingbird Algorithm

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Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Post by arushi garg on Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:56 pm

An introduction to Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Google is a search engine and people search several things in Google to get accurate information. As per the huge database maintained by Google the search results crop up. Google uses a very realistic approach to this searching method and in the process they have developed an algorithm. This algorithm is named as hummingbird algorithm. It was made to make the search in Google more logical. In the world of search-engine-optimization this new algorithm of Google will affect vastly. Previously SEO was mostly depended on the most searched keywords and their frequencies.

The new hummingbird algorithm will change the SEO concept. More stress has been put on conversational keywords. This concept will help provide more direct and realistic search results to the users. Google is trying to put a more rational approach that will be able to process real time speech patterns of human. Through Hummingbird algorithm Google is trying to understand the possible intents of every user. The long process of Google to read the mind of people looks more possible after implementation of the new hummingbird algorithm . This algorithm will give more importance to keywords that will be a part of conversation and more elaborative in nature.


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