Windows 10 PCs features

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Windows 10 PCs features

Post by raveena on Sat Mar 21, 2015 10:11 am


1. Familiar windows Start Menu is back! Can now be personalized with live tiles as well

2. Cortana Search

3. Apps like Windows Store runs in a full screen mode in Win 8. In Win 10, all the apps will run in usual windows which can be resized and moved around on the desktop. Can now be maximized, minimized and closed just like any other regular window that opens in Win 8.

4. Multi-tasking: a new Task View Button(on hitting ALT+TAB). Upto 4 open apps can be easily adjusted on the screen for multitasking.

5. Multiple Desktops: If you are working on a lot of different projects, with lots of open windows, you can add a new desktop. It keeps neatly organized. Entertainment applications can be opened on one desktop, Coding windows on the other, and Summer Project work on another desktop

Summarized in a 3 min video:


1. Continuum: for seamlessly transforming a PC-like keypad mode to a tablet-like touch mode (eg, google what is a Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets if you ain't aware of PC+Tablets concept having detachable keyboard)

2. 'Cortana' Search: It. . .She gets to know you personally. Your own Personal Digital Assistant. Sending emails, add reminders, opening apps on voice/typed commands, Make a note.

3. Built-in Suite of Apps: Universal Apps that will run the same way across PCs, Tablets and Phones.
- XBOX App on your devices!
- Photos App shows all photos present across all your devices via the OneDrive Sync Service.
- Built-in Albums
- Built-in Calendars and Email App
- Built-in Maps

4. An all new browser: PROJECT SPARTAN
- Easy Tabs management
- Only browser with built-in annotations (my personal favorite feature - i had it in mind for a long time, wanted to work on it. Should have asked for its patent right, I guess Razz. Well, finally someone is working on it! Good for everyone! When you study everything on the Internet, it is most likely that you visit the same page again and again to get a few commands(for CPY+PST) or to just remind yourself of few highlights of the webpage) Now we can work on webpages and create notes there itself. And even share what is important on the page with others!
- Reading mode: hides all the advertisements on the page for comfortable reading of the main content; you can even save the webpage as a pdf to read your reading list
- Cortana speed up the search

Summarized in a 7 mins video:


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Re: Windows 10 PCs features

Post by arushi garg on Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:57 pm

Spartan is gonna be the best thing about windows 10 .. I guess..

arushi garg

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